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New products

New products

Feather Safety Razor Popular

This Feather razor ‘Popular’ allows you to experience the exceptional quality of the Feather products at a great price. 
This lightweight razor is made out of chrome coated metal and has a handy twist-to-open design for easy blade changing. The handle, made of black plastic, offers a good grip. The razor comes in a handy plastic box for easy storage, and is also handy for traveling. Included are two original black Hi Stainless Feather razors.

Parker Variant Adjustable

Beginners and experts alike will be excited about Parker's latest razor blade.
With the Parker Variant Adjustable you can adjust the razor’s blade angle. By turning the knob at the bottom of the handle, the razor’s blade angle can be easily adjusted to your personal preference. From 1, for mild, to 5, for more aggressive. The choice may depend on hair thickness, hair length, skin type and level of experience.
The beautifully crafted matte chrome handle has a good grip, even with wet hands.

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Floid pre-shave oil 50ML
9.95 € / unit(s) *
Tabac Original Aftershave 100 Ml
11.22 € / unit(s) *
Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal aftershave
13.95 € / bottle(s) *
Cella Milano aftershave lotion
11.80 € / bottle(s) *
Timor Razor Gentle Shaver 80mm
27.50 € / unit(s) *
Proraso shaving foam Original
5.95 € / unit(s) *
Proraso aftershave balm original
10.95 € / bottle(s) *

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